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Vertex Standard VXR-9000 Series

Vertex Standard VXR-9000 Series
VHF/UHF Repeater/Base Station

High Power Output for Exceptional Reach and Performance

Available in 50 W or 100 W options the Vertex Standard VXR-9000 delivers the reliable performance and extended range needed. The slim-line design is crafted for easy installation and integration into most repeater sites.

  • 32 Channels
  • 50 Watts or 25 Watts Power Output
  • 100 Watt Power Amplifier Unit (Optional)
  • VHF: 134 – 160 MHz; 148 – 174 MHz
  • UHF: 400 – 430 MHz; 450 – 480 MHz
  • 6 Dual Functioning Programmable Front Panel Keys

VXR-9000 Series Repeater Features

Large Channel Capacity With Priority Scan
The VXR-9000 may be programmed with up to 32 channels over a wide frequency range and can perform in repeater or base station mode, depending on the application (includes Priority Channel scanning capability for efficient communications monitoring).

Power Supply Backup with Alert
Should DC power fail at the repeater site, the VXR-9000 will automatically revert to a backup DC power source, if connected. Under backup DC power, the repeater will transmit an alert message to notify the operator that immediate attention is required at the repeater site.

Flexible, Automatic Command Sequence Configuration
VXR-9000s may be programmed to perform a five-step sequence of commands for certain operating events. For example, during a DC power failure when the repeater switches to a backup power supply, the repeater can be programmed to switch to low power and send a CW ID advising of the situation, etc.

Designed for High Reliability
The cooling fan diameter is 3+ inches and thermostatically controlled to ensure a stable temperature environment for the VXR-9000. Fan operation may be programmed for three options: off, continuous or temperature-controlled, depending on the application. A malfunction alarm is also included.

Simplex / Duplex Capability
The VXR-9000 is designed for simplex mode with single-antenna operation or full-duplex mode with the optional VXD-60 duplexer when optimal communications are necessary at all times.

Additional Features

  • 47 CTCSS / 108 DCS Codes Encode and Decode
  • CW ID Transmitter
  • CW Message
  • Multi-Tone Decode
  • Compander Per Channel
  • D-Sub 25 Pin Accessory Connector
  • Automatic DC Backup Switching Alert
  • EIA Rack Mount Size
  • PLL Step Sizes: 2.5/5.0/6.25 kH
  • Low Level and High Level Encryption Options
  • CTCSS Reverse Burst with Programmable Length
  • 3.15" Square Cooling Fan with "Malfunction" Sensor Output
  • 5-Step Command Sequence for Startup, Power Source: Main to Sub, and Sub to Main
  • Coaxial relay Drivers for Single Antenna Operation; Also TX Attenuator
  • Programmed Message Banks for Maintenance Logs or Any Other Free Text
  • Repeater Occupation Settings to Hold the Last Tone Code (Preset Timer)
  • Channel Scanning With Priority Channel
  • Optional Built In Power Supply Unit FP-31

VXR-9000 Series Models

Vertex Standard VXR-9000 Series Repeater Models:


VXR-9000 Radio Series Repeater 134 - 160 MHz, 32 Channels, 50 Watt

VXR-9000 Radio Series Repeater 148 - 174 MHz, 32 Channels, 50 Watt


VXR-9000 Radio Series Repeater 400 - 430 MHz, 32 Channels, 50 Watt

VXR-9000 Radio Series Repeater 450 - 490 MHz, 32 Channels, 50 Watt

Recommended Parts & Accessories

Old Model Number New Model Number Description Images 
VXD-60UD XUFIP0001 Internal Duplexer, 50 Watt UHF 440-470 MHz View Image
VXD-60VC XUFIP0002 Internal Duplexer, 50 Watt VHF 148-160 MHz View Image
Microphones & Speakers
MD-12A8J AAF13X001 Desktop Microphone View Image
FIF-9 AAC95X001 Remote Control Interface Unit View Image
Power Supply
FP-31 AAC96X001 Internal Power Supply (50 Watt Only) View Image
RF Power Amplifiers
VPA-9000UD AAE21U001 Power Amplifier Kit, UHF 450-490MHz (FOR 100 WATT OPTION ONLY) View Image
VPA-9000VC AAE21N001 Power Amplifier Kit, VHF 148-174MHz (FOR 100 WATT OPTION ONLY) View Image
FVP-25 A12760001 Encryption Unit (Band Inversion Type) and DTMF Paging. View Image
FVP-35 AAF39X001 Plug-in Rolling Code Encryption. View Image

Vertex Standard VXR-9000 Series Downloads

VXR-9000 Series Repeater Spec Sheet
VXR-9000 Series Owner's Manual

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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