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Vertex Standard VXD-720 Series

Vertex Standard VXD-720 Series
VHF/UHF Portable Digital Radios

Clear, Quality Digital Communications

Easily convert to digital with the Vertex Standard VXD-720 conventional portable radio, providing the essential voice and text communications. The VXD digital radio series operates on the most widely-used Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) protocol, making it compatible to work with other DMR models and brands. The VXD Series can also be used with any existing analog two-way radios for an easy transition to new equipment and maximum return on investment.

  • 512 Channels and 512 Groups
  • 5 Watts VHF / 4 Watts UHF
  • VHF: 136 – 174 MHz
  • UHF: 403 – 470 MHz; 450 – 512 MHz
  • 5 Programmable Keys
  • 40 - Character Alphanumeric Scrolling Display
  • 500 mW Audio Output

VXD-720 Series Radio Features

Invest Today in Digital - Convert from Analog As Needed
The VXD-720 can operate in both analog and digital mode, providing an easy path to digital when ready. This flexibility enables conversion to digital one radio at a time, one channel at a time or the entire system based on functional or fiscal needs. Includes dual-mode analog and/or digital scan and mixed mode priority scan to easily operate in digital and still scan and communicate with analog radio users of any brand.

Digital Doubles Call Capacity with One License
All Vertex Standard VXD radios use Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) 6.25 kHz efficient digital technology that doubles the capacity for the price of one frequency license. The radios support twice as many talk groups or calls without adding more licensing costs.

Digital Delivers Consistent, Clear Audio Quality
Experience enhanced voice clarity and reduced noise over a greater range versus analog for consistently crisp, clear communications.

Digital Delivers Longer Battery Life
Achieve greater cost savings with increased battery life performance. The VXD-720 can operate up to 40 percent longer than most analog radios because TDMA cuts the transmit time in half -- reducing overall battery consumption per call.

Digital Delivers Integrated Voice and Text for Efficiency
The VXD-720 includes text messaging in digital mode to communicate between radios. Send either free-form or pre-set text messages.

Submersible and Weatherproof
The VXD-720 radio meets international standard IP57 for dust and water protection where water does not harm the radio when submersed to a depth of 3 feet for up to 30 minutes.

FCC Narrowbanding Compliant
Meets the FCC Part 90 requirement for using 12.5 kHz channels by January 1, 2013. VXD radios enable users to keep existing 12.5 kHz channels and double the call capacity with the two-slot TDMA technology. Using digital meets the FCC recommendation to convert directly to 6.25 kHz efficient equipment for greater spectrum efficiency.

Additional Features

  • Tri-color LED custom call alert
  • Digital Encode/Decode: Call Alert, Private Call, Emergency, Selective Radio Inhibit, Radio Check and Remote Monitor
  • MDC-1200® Analog Encode/Decode: Call Alert, Emergency and PTT ID
  • 2-Tone Analog Paging: Call Alert, Call Alert with Voice And Select Call
  • Basic Privacy (Digital Mode Only)
  • Voice Activated Transmit (VOX)
  • Contact List for Up to 1,000 Records
  • Scan Options: Dual Mode (Analog or Digital); Mixed Mode (Digital Only)
  • AMBE+2™ Digital Vocoder
  • Radio-to-Radio Cloning

VXD-720 Series Models

Vertex Standard VXD-720 Series Radio Models:


VXD-720 Series Portable Radio 136-174 MHz, 512 Channels, 5 Watt


VXD-720 Series Portable Radio 403-470 MHz, 512 Channels, 4 Watt

VXD-720 Series Portable Radio 450-512 MHz, 512 Channels, 4 Watt

VXD-720 Portable Model Standard Packages Include:

  • FNB-V116 - 1300 mAh Ni-MH Battery
  • VAC-40B - Single Unit Charger
  • Antenna Option
  • CLIP - 21 - Belt Clip
  • Standard 3 Year Warranty

Recommended Parts & Accessories

Old Model Number New Model Number Description Images 
ATV-15C AAH25X001 136-174 MHz, 8.4"  
ATU-14A AAH26X001 400 - 430 MHz, 10"  
ATU-14D AAH26X002 450 - 512 MHz, 10"  
FNB-V116 AAH23X001 Battery Ni-MH 1300 mAh  
FNB-V117 AAH86X001 Battery Li-Ion 2200 mAh  
Cases and Belt Clips
CLIP-21 AAH69X001 Belt Clip  
CSC-96 AAH24X001 Nylon Case  
VAC-40 B XUAAJ22X00101 Single Desktop Rapid Charger  
VAC-6030 B AAH27X001 6-Unit Multi Rapid Charger  
Option Boards
SRX-3D AAD34U001 Dual Band RX. Adds UHF to VHF radio 450-512 MHz  
SRX-3H NA Dual Band RX. Adds UHF to VHF radio 380-450 MHz  
SRX-4 AAD34N001 Dual Band RX. Adds VHF to UHF radio 135-174 MHz  
Speaker Microphones
MH-66A7A AAE46X001 Speaker Microphone - Submersible Noise Cancelling View Image

Vertex Standard VXD-720 Series Downloads

VXD-720 Series Spec Sheet
VXD-720 Series Owner's Manual

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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Vertex standard Three Year Wannanty

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