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VX-420A Series Compact VHF/UHF Trunking Portable

Vertex Standard VX-420A Series
Compact VHF/UHF Trunking Portable

LTR™ or Passport™ Trunking Portable Radios

Vertex Standard's Vertex Standard VX-420A Series portable radios are the reliable, durable choice for LTR trunking or conventional-mode communications. The compact Vertex Standard VX-420A features UHF, VHF with a choice of four key or 16 key, an eight-character alphanumeric display, battery and signal strength indicators, 32 Systems/250 Groups for trunking, 250 channels for conventional and much more.

The VX-420A can be ordered as either LTR™ or Passport™.

  • VHF: 146-174MHz
  • UHF: 450-490MHz
  • 5 Watts (selectable to 1 Watt)
  • 32 Systems / 250 Groups
  • Password Protected Software

VX-420A Series Radio Features

Password Protected Software
The radio file can be password protected to ensure no one else can read your radio's data file. If password protected, when you read the radio, it will require the programmer to enter the password.

Useful Display
The LCD display shows system and group alpha-tags. Also on the display are a battery gauge encryption and RSSI indicator.

Compact Rugged LTR Portable
The new LTR portable is based on the proven chassis of the conventional VX-420 portable. Its small size, rugged design and construction provide for years of reliable, dependable service.

Emergency Feature Standard
There is a built in Emergency feature that allows for a 'panic switch' to call for help.

Memory for Many Tasks
The VX-420A is small in size only. The radio comes standard with enough memory for 32 systems and 250 groups in LTR mode. Also included is conventional mode with up to 250 channels.

Encryption is Standard
Inversion scrambling is included as standard.

Additional Features

  • 8 Character Alpha-Numeric display
  • Available in easy-to-use 4 key versions
  • Available for either PassPort or LTR systems!
  • Multi-mode Scan (Dual Watch, Priority, Follow-me)
  • CTCSS / DCS Encode & Decode
  • Compander
  • Built-in Voice Encryption (no option board required)

VX-420A Series Models

Vertex Standard VX-424A Series Trunking Radio Models:


VX-420A Series Portable Radio (4 Key) 134-174 MHz, 250 Channels, 1-5 Watt

VX-420A Series Portable Radio (16 Key) 134-174 MHz, 250 Channels, 1-5 Watt

Vertex Standard VX-424A Series Trunking Radio Models:


VX-420A Series Portable Radio (4 Key) 450-490 MHz, 250 Channels, 1-5 Watt

VX-420A Series Portable Radio (16 Key) 450-490 MHz, 250 Channels, 1-5 Watt

VX-420A Series Trunking Portable Models Can Include:

  • FNB-V94 - 7.2 V 1800 mAh NiMH Battery
  • VAC-20B - 120 VAC 3 - Hour Desktop Charger
  • Antenna Option
  • Standard 3 Year Warranty

Recommended Parts & Accessories

Old Model Number New Model Number Description Images 
ATV-10A XUCET0033 145 - 155 MHz - High Gain, 10.5" View Image
ATV-10B XUCET0034 150 - 160 MHz - High Gain, 10.5" View Image
ATV-8B XUCET0024 150 - 163 MHz, 6" View Image
ATV-10C XUCET0035 155 - 165 MHz - High Gain, 10.5" View Image
ATV-8C XUCET0025 161 - 174 MHz, 6" View Image
ATV-10E XUCET0036 165 - 175 MHz - High Gain, 10.5" View Image
ATU-6A XUCET0010 400 - 430 MHz, 6.5" View Image
ATU-6D XUCET0012 450 - 485 MHz, 6" View Image
ATV-6XL XUCET0022 VHF Untuned, 7" View Image
ATV-6B XUCET0020 150 - 163 MHz, 3.5" View Image
ATV-6C XUCET0021 161 - 174 MHz, 3.5" View Image
ATU-6AS XUCET0010 410 - 430 MHz - Stubby, 3.5" View Image
ATU-6DS XUCET0013 450 - 485 MHz - Stubby, 3.5" View Image
ATV-8A XUCET0023 134 - 150 MHz, 6" View Image
FNB-V57IS A12730001 Battery Ni-CD IS 1100 mAh View Image
FNB-V94 AAF06X001 Battery Ni-MH 1800 mAh  
FBA-25A A13520003 6 AA Battery Case  
CLIP-17C AAE85X003 Swivel Belt Clip View Image
LCC-420 XUBEE0040 Leather Case w/Belt Loop  
LCC-420S XUBEE0041 Leather Case w/Swivel  
VAC-801 B XUAAG33X00101 Single Desktop Rapid Charger (FNB-V57IS or FNB-V94)  
VAC-20 B XUAAG58X10101 Single Desktop Charger (FNB-V57IS or FNB-V94)  
VAC-6800 B XUAAB23X00106 6-Unit Multi Rapid Charger  
VCM-1 AAA72X001 Vehicular DC Charger Mounting Adaptor View Image
VCM-3 AAF23X001 Vehicular Charger Mounting Adaptor Kit View Image
Earpieces, Headsets and Surveillance
MH-37A4B A08050001 Earpiece Microphone, Light Duty View Image
VC-25 A12060001 Voice Activated (VOX) Headset View Image
VH-110S XUOTT0001 Heavy Duty, Dual Muff Headset - Over-the-Head w/Boom Mic  
VH-115S VH-115S Lightweight Headset - Behind-the-Head w/ Boom Mic  
VH-215S VH-215S Lightweight Single Muff Headset - Over-the-Head w/Boom Mic  
VH-225S AAG50X001 Lightweight Dual Muff Headset - Over-the-Head w/Boom Mic  
Option Boards
DVS-5 AAD51X001 Digital Voice Storage (120 seconds) View Image
VMDE-200 XUCMR0002 MDC-1200® Encode/Decode View Image
FVP-25 A12760001 Voice Inversion Encryption and DTMF Paging View Image
FVP-35 AAF39X001 Rolling Code Encryption View Image
VME-100 XUCMR0003 MDC-1200® Digital ANI View Image
Speaker Microphones
MH-360S AAF52X001 Compact Speaker Microphone View Image
MH-450S AAF53X001 Speaker Microphone View Image
MH-45B4B A13960007 Noise Cancelling Speaker Microphone View Image

Vertex Standard VX-410/420 Series Downloads

VX-420A Series Spec Sheet
VX-420A Series Owner's Manual

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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