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TR-800 Base Station / Repeater

HYT TR-800 Base Station Repeater

Product Features

  • Frequency Range:
    VHF: 136MHz--174MHz
    UHF: 350MHz--400MHz
  • RF Power Output: 25W/50W(VHF)   50W(UHF)
  • Channel Spacing : 12.5KHz / 25KHz
  • Channel Capacity: 512

Exceptional Benefits

  • Integrated Front Panel with Repeater Controller -The logic and audio circuitry is integrated with display unit in a single control panel, which provides smart and simple access to both radios inside. The front panel LEDs show real-time condition of the TR-800.
  • Configuration Flexibility -You can choose the best-fit frequencies and power levels for your business - or combine two frequencies to create a bi-directional or crossband repeater.
  • Sleek & Compact Desktop Design -The TR-800 suits any office location, and allows convenient access for system adjustments.
  • Powerful, Varied Speed and Thermal-controlled Fan - A 4.7" brushless fan mounted on the back and the front vent-slot provide good ventilation for the transmitter. The fan is thermal-controlled for quiet performance and enhanced efficiency.
  • Optional AC, DC Power Supply - The TR-800 provides a wide range of AC mains input to accommodate local standard.
  • Floating Charge - The floating charge function is intended to maintain a back-up battery for long periods of time between power failures.

Unique Versatility

  • CTCSS/CDCSS Feature - allows you to talk on personal groups exempt from disturbance and illegal intrusion.
  • Real-time Scan - enhances your cost-effectiveness and broadens your customer base by time division sharing, and eases conventional roaming service as well.
  • Repeater Hang Time - makes the repeater remain transmitting after an active and valid signal is no longer received, which reduces delay on conversation due to the setup of repeater link. The duration time can be programmed from 0 to 7 seconds.
  • Operation Flexibility - offers you a range of options to accommodate your application requirements. You can choose Base station, uni-directional repeater or bi-directional repeater mode through configuration of the front panel and internal switches.
  • Adjustable Power output (HI/MED/LOW) - helps you balance the power consumption and communication range - critical in location with only DC power supplies.
  • Time-out Timer - prevents user from excessive use of repeater.
  • Readable Frequency - allows quick and easy access to channel configuration during system diagnosis.

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HYT TR-800 Brochure


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